Thanda Safari Bush Walks

A bush walk in the wild

Our bush walks in the wild, also known as walking safaris, are an utterly exhilarating experience led by our rangers who intimately understand the bush and Zululand wilderness. Being on foot in the bush in the domain of wild animals is one of the most exciting experiences life has to offer. It gets your heart beating fast and deeply enriches your being as you immerse yourself in the wild and all its creatures large and small – from the Big Five and big game to smaller animals, insects, birds and reptiles. Guests often comment that on the walking safari they felt part of the circle of life in the most thrilling way, and learnt why every single species – from a fungus to an elephant – plays such an important role in keeping the ecosystem alive and healthy.

What is a bush walk?

A walking safari is a completely enlivening guided walk through the bush or wilderness on Thanda Safari, led by our rangers. It’s a life-enriching, heightened sensory experience where every sound and scent is magnified as you directly explore the wild. Your ranger will point out all the different plants, insects and birdlife as well as the flora and fauna of the Zululand bush. On the bush walk you’ll learn to identify the spoor and scat of different animals and how to move silently through the wilderness.

What are the benefits of bush walking?

On our guided bush walks you learn to read every situation in the wild differently and fine-tune your senses and responses. If you have an elephant or buffalo herd in front of you or lions are nearby, our highly experienced rangers will teach you how to read their behaviour and respond accordingly so as not to stress or alarm the animals or yourselves. On a bush walk you also learn about the incredible variety of plants and trees in the Zululand wilderness, and our rangers will show you the plants used in traditional Zulu medicine and share deep Zulu folklore about the wild.

What do you wear for a bush walk?

Essential for a bush walk are good, comfortable walking shoes, running shoes or cross trainers and a hat and sunscreen. Make sure you have worn in your shoes ahead of your walking safari as you don’t want blisters or sore feet. Clothing-wise wear lightweight shirts, t-shirts and trousers or shorts in muted colours to blend into the bush – khaki, browns, greens, greys, blacks and camouflage colours are best. Avoid bright colours. Depending on the weather, wear a light jacket or fleece.

How long is a walking safari?

Our guided bush walks are two to three hours long with a maximum of six people per group. They are tailored to your needs and fitness level, and we can vary the pace of the walking safari according to the group.

Are walking safaris safe?

Our rangers are completely focused on your safety during our safari walks and guided bush walks. Thanda Safari is a Big Five game reserve full of wild animals and our guides carry a rifle when walking in the bush, which is a legal requirement for the safety of our guests. We do request that indemnity forms are signed.

How much is a walking safari?

On Thanda Safari our two-to-three-hour guided bush walks are charged at R490 per guest staying at Thanda Tented Camp and free for guests staying at Thanda Safari Lodge and Villa iZulu.


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