The atrocity of rhino poaching and what Princess Charlene of Monaco is doing about it

Imagine if we had to wake up on a planet that no longer had any rhinos. Will we tell our children that we did nothing as these magnificent creatures were hunted into extinction? What a tragic day that will be! This is exactly the scenario Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco wants to avoid. 

HSH Princess Charlene’s recent Read more

Land of the Zulus

I recently stumbled across an old copy of T.V. Bulpin’s excellent Discovering Southern Africa. Sadly, T.V. passed away in 1999 but I always enjoy reading extracts from his book, which invariably invoke the urge to curl up in an armchair with a cup of coffee, a fire burning in the background and lose oneself in his voyages of discovery. Read more

A Glimpse of the Universe

If you try to gaze at what lies beyond the hazy edge of our atmosphere, you usually end up completely blinded by the light of our closest star and the sky stays desperately empty and blue. However, as the Earth continues swirling the Sun eventually disappears behind the horizon and for a brief instant, we can contemplate the universe Read more

Standing Tall

Giraffes –the name believed to be derived from the Arab word zarafa meaning ‘fast walker’ – have captured the human imagination for millennia. The Roman poet Horace opined that the giraffe’s unique appearance resembled that of a camel with leopard markings, which together with its Arabic name gave rise to the scientific title Giraffa camelopardalis. The earliest human association  Read more

The land before Thanda

I’ve always found the distant past intriguing. And by distant past, I mean a time before the dinosaurs, and even a time before Africa became a continent, a time where our world would most certainly look like an alien planet providing we could actually be able to see it. And if that distant past has, well, passed, everything is Read more

What’s in a Name?

Port Elizabeth has recently been renamed Gqeberha. Gqeberha was the isiXhosa name for Walmer Township, one of the first and oldest Port Elizabeth townships. Gqeberha is also the isiXhosa name for the Baakens River which flows through the city. Far be it for me to comment on the merits of this change, but it does make one think of Read more

Thanks Mrs Kudu!

In a game viewer, you can usually find a fierce competition between spotters: who is going to see the first animal? and if the lion is so far that all the others can’t even see it or if you can spot a horn through thick sickle bushes, it’s even better. You can also include your guests in tracking the Read more

When you look at the night, the night looks back at you

After some well deserved and appreciated sundowners, it is time to get back to the lodge and experience a short night drive. The warm orange blaze of the sunset is long gone and the last pink trails are disappearing as the Sun continues sinking below the horizon and darkness falls slowly over the bush. Everything becomes dark blue (the Read more

Trapdoor spiders

Trapdoor spiders are very difficult to locate as the nearby vegetation and soil offer a natural camouflage to these species. The trapdoors are typically nocturnal hunters and they wait for the prey to approach their door.

These spiders usually prey on arthropods, tiny vertebrates, and small insects. It’s the vibration that warns the spider of any prey and when Read more

I am glad I wasn’t born a toad

I am glad I wasn’t born a toad. Not that I usually wish I were born another animal, the simple fact that I can use my fingers to remove the ridiculous amount of ticks from my legs after a mere 3h walk is a reason good enough for me not to be a handless creature having to struggle 24/7 Read more


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