Looking Forward

South Africans are, by necessity, incredibly resilient and eternal optimists. Notwithstanding high unemployment, rising food and fuel prices, corruption, and decaying infrastructure, not to mention Covid, we wake up each and every day ready to tackle whatever the world throws at us. It reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail when Arthur meets the Black Knight who Read more

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What do they Really See?

Before every game drive you will hear me tell you that we are safe in an open vehicle because animals don’t really see us as people in a car, but only see one unit, and that’s why it is important not to break the shape of this unit, not to startle them and not to make you visible as Read more

On Safari

There is nothing quite like being on a Safari

There is nothing quite like going on safari. Enjoy an African safari in KwaZulu-Natal, with early morning wake-up calls followed by coffee and rusks before jumping aboard the game vehicle with blankets and hot water bottles covering your lap. The bite of the morning wind as the land cruiser Read more

The Olympic Games

It really is an incredible time to watch sport at the moment – over the past few weeks we have been privileged to be able to watch, among others, Wimbledon, The Open, Tour de France, The Euros, the British and Irish Lions Tour and now, the Olympics. Notwithstanding the amazing sport being played, it is surely going to make Read more

Lions v Springboks

The British and Irish Lions tour has officially got underway. The team is comprised of players from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with tours occurring every four years and rotating between Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in order. It is no wonder then that it is such a momentous occasion, and a highlight for many players, who may Read more


Birdwatching – Experience the KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

We have been watching birds and sharing them with others for many years so we know just what it takes to make the perfect birdwatching experience. Birdwatching must be one of the most frustrating activities one can engage in. Not only do birds not sit still for very long, they often almost Read more

The atrocity of rhino poaching and what Princess Charlene of Monaco is doing about it

Imagine if we had to wake up on a planet that no longer had any rhinos. Will we tell our children that we did nothing as these magnificent creatures were hunted into extinction? What a tragic day that will be! This is exactly the scenario Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco wants to avoid. 

HSH Princess Charlene’s recent Read more

Land of the Zulus

Thanda Safari in KwaZulu Natal

I recently stumbled across an old copy of T.V. Bulpin’s excellent Discovering Southern Africa. Sadly, T.V. passed away in 1999 but I always enjoy reading extracts from his book, which invariably invoke the urge to curl up in an armchair with a cup of coffee, a fire burning in the background, and lose oneself Read more

A Glimpse of the Universe

If you try to gaze at what lies beyond the hazy edge of our atmosphere, you usually end up completely blinded by the light of our closest star and the sky stays desperately empty and blue. However, as the Earth continues swirling the Sun eventually disappears behind the horizon and for a brief instant, we can contemplate the universe Read more

Standing Tall

Giraffes –the name believed to be derived from the Arab word zarafa meaning ‘fast walker’ – have captured the human imagination for millennia. The Roman poet Horace opined that the giraffe’s unique appearance resembled that of a camel with leopard markings, which together with its Arabic name gave rise to the scientific title Giraffa camelopardalis. The earliest human association  Read more


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