Thanks Mrs Kudu!

In a game viewer, you can usually find a fierce competition between spotters: who is going to see the first animal? and if the lion is so far that all the others can’t even see it or if you can spot a horn through thick sickle bushes, it’s even better. You can also include your guests in tracking the Read more

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When you look at the night, the night looks back at you

After some well deserved and appreciated sundowners, it is time to get back to the lodge and experience a short night drive. The warm orange blaze of the sunset is long gone and the last pink trails are disappearing as the Sun continues sinking below the horizon and darkness falls slowly over the bush. Everything becomes dark blue (the Read more

Trapdoor spiders

Trapdoor spiders are very difficult to locate as the nearby vegetation and soil offer a natural camouflage to these species. The trapdoors are typically nocturnal hunters and they wait for the prey to approach their door.

These spiders usually prey on arthropods, tiny vertebrates, and small insects. It’s the vibration that warns the spider of any prey and when Read more

I am glad I wasn’t born a toad

I am glad I wasn’t born a toad. Not that I usually wish I were born another animal, the simple fact that I can use my fingers to remove the ridiculous amount of ticks from my legs after a mere 3h walk is a reason good enough for me not to be a handless creature having to struggle 24/7 Read more

A panoply of birds…

South Africa is home to approximately 850 bird species of which 50 are found nowhere else on earth. Bird watching is extremely rewarding and is a great additional activity to any bush or 4×4 outing. For anyone interested in photography, birds are excellent – if somewhat flighty – subjects (pun intended!).

Being so spoilt for choice makes deciding which Read more

Story of water…

It’s funny how easily we overlook the value of water as it is always there for our everyday use in our industrial way of living. For animals being out in a natural environment though, mmmm the value of water is worth fighting over and protecting it as a source to survive the harsh African bush.

Especially in the current Read more

Life on our Planet

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, has just been released in cinemas around the globe and is reported as “a first-hand account of humanity’s impact on nature and a message of hope for future generations.” It’s not surprising that humanity has had a significant impact on the environment, with the world’s population approaching 8 billion. In 200 years Read more

August Change

This past week has heralded two significant landmarks – firstly, that interprovincial travel (and alcohol sales!) may re-open, and secondly the return of the yellow-billed kites. Coincidentally, the yellow-billed kites all started to leave South Africa right at the start of lock-down, and this past week I saw my first “YBK” of the season, just as South Africa moves Read more

Banded Mongoose

One of the questions that gets asked by guests is whether the lockdown affected the behaviour of animals. With only a limited number of vehicles on the reserve during the lockdown, this naturally resulted in animals coming into contact with vehicles a lot more seldom. Based on discussions with the wildlife team, guides and the anti-poaching units, there does Read more


With ministers changing their minds and documents being published and then retracted, these are indeed times of confusion. In the bush, a group of wildebeest is known as confusion, and it is easy to see why when gazing at a wildebeest, which always to me to have a vague look of puzzlement etched on their faces. Wildebeest belong to Read more


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